Kodomo Playhouse - Teddy Storage Rack

  • ₱3,800.00

The Kodomo Playhouse Teddy Storage Rack is a great way to keep your child's room neat and tidy. It is a versatile storage solution, providing multipurpose functionality to organize toys, books, and art supplies. It can also be used to display favorite stuffed animals, so your child can keep them close to hand.

Need some creative ways to teach your children to pack away? Thinking of how to optimize storage especially when the toys must be considered? Our multipurpose storage rack is what you need! The frames come in a sleek design making it easier to fit in your space. The bins can also be easily swapped around or stacked, making it fun for the kids to pack away their toys. Available in two colors, yellow and gray. It is made with curved edges for your child's safety.

DIMENSIONS: 66.5*34.5*91.5CM



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