Little Fat Hugs Baby Playmat

  • ₱1,990.00

This large tummy time mat offers an ample play area for your baby to explore, stretch, sit, or crawl. It has a  strong frame guaranteeing both durability and comfort. Additionally, it comes with detachable sensory dolls and 20 ocean balls providing endless engagement and developmental opportunities.

Baby play gym is essential for a newborn because it can provide a good entertainment or resting space for babies. One of the main benefits of a baby play mat is that it encourages your baby to interact with their surroundings. A great way to help baby reach developmental milestones and exercise the muscles.

Colorful Baby Activity Gym - Babies love to grip everything bright and colorful for curiosity. Our tummy time activity mat comes with a variety of sensory cognitive colorful balls, provides baby full of comfort, and plenty of space for continuous fun in tummy time period. 

Easy Set Up & Storage - No need to use any tool to assemble the baby play mat, knot the long soft rods to the corner of the activity mat, spread the ocean balls in the play mat and assembly is finished! 

Good Play Mat for Baby - This play gym mat is suitable for baby, infant, kid and toddler. Baby can lie down to exercise limbs by constantly kicking and scratching, lying on the front can also enhance neck, shoulder and back strength. When baby is older, upright sitting can promote the development of fine hand movements.

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