Magic Spyglass Books: Big Shark Little Shark

  • ₱650.00

Join Big Shark and go on a hide-and-go-seek story time adventure and discover magical hidden pictures!


Big Shark and Little Shark are playing hide-and-go-seek. Big Shark is not very good at seeking! Can you help Big Shark to find Little Shark in each under-the-sea picture?


There are hours of seek and find fun to be had with this interactive book that features 5 clever windows full of hidden under-the-sea pictures to seek and find with a 'magical' card spyglass! Simply insert the card spyglass between the pages and watch children glow with delight as they seek and find Little Shark in each funny scene. The busy pictures are full of other animals to seek and find too, meaning there's plenty to keep little ones entertained as they read and play.


The card spyglass is securely attached to the book on a high-quality ribbon, and can be safely inserted back into the front of the book to keep the spyglass safe for when the book is read and played with again.

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