Mamajoo Silicone Nipple Shields / Protector

  • ₱600.00

Mamajoo nipple protectors are especially shaped so that they can get more contact with the mothers’ breast to feel and to smell her skin. There are also rough dots especially designed around the mouth to make the baby feel at breast even more. 


  • Mamajoo nipple protectors are produced from highest quality BPA-Free silicone to protect sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding and help mothers to continue breastfeeding during this sensitive period. Thus, mothers do not stop breastfeeding their babies even while the nipples are sensitive and when the nipples are healed they turn back to breastfeeding as before.
  • Now sold within the new storage box, which can be used for sterilization and hygienic storage. As a result, the customers have another economic and user-friendly product and there is an environment-friendly solution to the packaging issue, since it isn’t thrown away. With the storage box, it can be sterilized and hygienically stored for reusage. 
  • Must be sterilized before each use. 
  • Using the sterilization & storage box: After washing, place them in the sterilization & storage box and add 25 ml of water. Adjust the heat of your microwave between 750-1000 Watt and let it run for 3 minutes. After cooling for a while and pouring out the water in the box, the product will be sterilized and ready for use.


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