Monkey Munch Crispy Baked Fruit & Veggie Munch

  • ₱328.00

Monkey Munch baby snacks are freeze-dried snacks that are made from 100% fruits and vegetables. The flavors are mashed together, formed into biscuit-shaped crackers, and moisture is taken using the freeze-drying method to retain its freshness. The snacks are full of antioxidants and vitamins from whole fruits and vegetables and are very healthy snacking alternatives for your growing baby. The size and texture is designed to help little ones develop their motor skills.

Key Features 
- Good for 8 months+ babies, toddlers and kids
- Melts in the Mouth
- 28g of individually 4 packed snacks in a box
- Shelf Life is 2 years 
- No Preservatives
- Made from 100% real fruits and vegetables 
- High protein 
- Gluten free 
- Dairy free 
- Perfect for on the go snack 
- High Iron and vitamin B 
- Easy to dissolve 
- Natural Sweetness
- Natural fiber 
- suitable for G6PD kids 

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