Moskinto: The Intelligent Patch (24 plaster per pack)

  • ₱650.00

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MOSKINTO: The Intelligent Patch

An easy to use bite-relief patch for mosquito, tick, sandfly, and midge bites!

Drug-free and chemical-free, Moskinto's uses gentle mechanical technology to relieve itch by gently lifting the first layer of skin and allows bites to heal without any swelling or scratching.

Sweat-proof and waterproof, this is the absolute mozzie-fighter that all families need!

Age: Suitable for 0mths+ but we recommend it for 6mths+ as the adhesive is strong.

How to use: Stick the patch directly over the bite and do not scratch before applying.

How to remove: Do not remove the patch before it starts to curl and become peelable or fall of on its own after 4-7 days. Rub the area gently with warm water if there is any residue after forcing the patch taken off.

Caution: Do not stick the patch on open wounds as the adhesive is strong.

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