Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel

  • ₱870.00



• Immediately replenishes the whole body, with long-lasting effect.
• Instantly soothes sensations of irritation and tightness.
• Gently cleanses and leaves a protective film on babies and children' skin.
• Compensates for the drying effects of bathing (hard water).
From birth on*, pour two or three capfuls into bathwater. For enhanced lipidreplenishment, do not rinse off. Gently dry off without rubbing.
Follow up with Stelatopia® Emollient Balm or Cream.
May make the bathtub slippery.
Can be used daily or during flare-ups.
Pleasurable to use
• Its replenishing oil texture gently envelops the skin.
• Easy to use bath oil. Dilutes well in bath water.
*Including newborns out of the NICU.

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