Mustela Stelatopia + Lipid Replenishing Cream (Atopic-Prone Skin)

  • ₱1,810.00

Does your family have extremely dry skin with a eczema-prone skin ? Without perfume, our Stelatopia + lipid-replenishing cream, with the certified ORGANIC Sunflower Oil Distillate, is conceived specifically for you. With its soft texture and very quickly absorbed co-developed with more than 200 families, it brings a feeling of alleviation and comfort.  

It reinforces and rebalances the cutaneous barrier to give again with the very dry with atopic their natural capacity of defense. Result: the rednesses and irritations decrease immediately and durably. 

The Stelatopia + relipidant Cream is without perfume and vegan. 

Lipid-replenishing cream, anti-itching, certified organic, efficiently soothe the atopic skin, naturally soothe the parent's mind. Stelatopia+ is specifically designed for extremely dry and eczema-prone skin of the baby from birth on* and for the whole family. Formulated with 99% of ingredients of natural origin with its complex of patented active ingredients, the certified ORGANIC Sunflower Oil Distillate and the prebiotic Bioécolia®, it immediately reduces the rednesses, and has an anti-relapse effect by limiting frequency of severe dryness peaks. Fragrance-free. Vegan formula.

Practical, its pump format allows not to lose a drop of the product.

Step 1: Press the pump 2 to 4 times and pour into your hand. 

Step 2: Apply every-day, twice a day, to dry and clean skin on the body.  

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