myFirst Camera 3 Dual Lens

  • ₱4,890.00

Why myFirst Camera 3 So Special?

Free Shockproof Case

High-strength polymers used to make the pouch are resistant to impacts, shocks, and falls.

High Quality Photos & Videos

Our 16MP camera ensures excellent high pixel images & videos from your child's viewpoint. The picture quality enables printing of photos up to 8R.

myFirst Camera 3 High quality photos & videos for kids

Selfie Lens

We know how difficult it is to take selfies without dropping your camera. So we’ve added a selfie lens above the screen.With a push of our lens selector button, take selfies with ease.

Macro Mode

Take close up picture with macro mode. Use the lens selector button to switch to a macro lens and see the little things in life.

Fun Filters

Why take plain pictures when you can fit our custom frames to create stunning pics? Choose from a wide variety of pre-loaded picture frames. Your kid will be excited to no end!

myFirst Camera 3 Other Features

Rechargable Battery

Rechargeable batteries are included with the myFirst Camera 3, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than cameras that use disposable batteries.

Support Micro SD Card

Can store up to 32GB of photos or videos, so your child can take as many as they want.

Low Light Assist

myFirst Camera 3 has a low light assist feature that helps to take sharper photos in dimly lit environments.


This feature allows you to delay taking a photo for a set period of time. This can be helpful for taking selfies, group shots, or any other time you want to be in the photo but don't want to be the one to press the shutter button.

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