Nose Frida Filter Refills

Nose Frida Filter Refills

  • ₱299.00

Nosefrida filter refills

20 counts disposable refills


  • PEDIATRICIAN ENDORSED BABY NASAL ASPIRATOR - Doctor invented nasal aspirator that uses parents’ own suction to safely and effectively clear stuffy noses.

  • HYGIENIC - Disposable filters are clinically proven to prevent the transfer of mucus or bacterial germs to the snot sucker when clearing stuffy noses.

  • COMFORTABLE & NON-INVASIVE - NoseFrida creates a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril for seamless gentle snotsucking.

  •  EASY TO CLEAN - The parts can be disassembled easily for easy cleaning. 


  •  BPA & Phthalate free


    NoseFrida Refill Filters
    • Clinically tested to prevent bacterial and mucus transfer
    • Disposable
    • Replacement filters (20 count)

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