Babymoov Nutribaby(+)

  • ₱12,500.00

This 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Baby Food Processor is the must-have for varied, tasty meals!

The Nutribaby(+) multi-purpose food processor is ideal for all stages of your child's development, from bottle-feeding to weaning and beyond.

This multi-purpose food processor features 6 automatic programmes, with 1 button = 1 function: steam cooking, blending, defrosting, heating baby food jars, sterilising and heating baby bottles.
This food processor also features a central touchscreen console and a built-in timer (audible and visual alarm, automatic cut-off) making it really easy to use.

Its 2 separate baskets guarantee food is steam-cooked to a turn, with all its flavours and vitamins preserved. Its 3 blending speeds along with its cooking water vessel mean you can adjust the texture as you wish, depending on your baby's age.

With its 2,200 ml capacity (1,500 ml for cooking and 700 ml for blending), you can prepare several meals in a single cycle!


• 6-in-1 multi-purpose baby food processor (pre-programmed functions): steam cooking, blending, defrosting, sterilizing and heating baby bottles and heating baby food jars
• Adaptable: food suitable for weaning your baby as well as for the whole family
• Several meals can be prepared in a single cycle: 2.2 litre capacity (1,500 ml for cooking, 700 ml for blending)
• Saves time: a food processor that blends and cooks at the same time or separately – it's up to you!
• Cooking to suit your child and retain nutrients: 2 separate steamer baskets to cook different foods perfectly without mixing them up


• Cooks ALL types of foods: vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, grains, starches, eggs, etc.
• Suitable for weaning onto solids: 3 blending speeds to adapt the texture of your foods depending on your baby's age
• More flavour and vitamins: separate cooking water vessel
• Intuitive: built-in control panel and timer (audible and visual alarm, automatic cut-off)
• Easy care: all components are removable and dishwasher-safe (except electrical parts)
• Accessories included: one spatula

Technical features

• Composition: BPA-free Tritan, polypropylene
• Care: Baskets, bowls and accessories are dishwasher-safe
• Wattage: Heating 230V / 500W and Blending: 230V / 3 speeds
• Power supply: Mains operated (adaptor supplied)
• Product dimensions: 39.5 x 25 x 31.5 cm
• Product Weight: 3.96 kg
• Warranty: One year from date of purchase (subject to Babymoov PH warranty policy)

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