Parakito Refill pack (2 pellets)

  • ₱649.00

Each pellet fits safe and snug in the mesh pocket on the outside of the PARA’KITO accessories. As the oils’ active ingredients are released into the air, they help to mask the human scents that would otherwise attract loitering mosquitoes.

For PARA’KITO Wristbands, Kids Wristbands, Sport Bands, Clips.

  • Provides a constant protection up to 15 days per refill (2 Replacement Pellets included)
  • Works in all climate zones – temperate & tropical. It’s even waterproof !
  • Sourced from the best natural essential oils/ingredients worldwide and DEET Free
  • Patented Pellet Technology


  • All day, all zones, all climates
  • Natural essential oils – DEET Free
  • For the whole family – Including sensitive persons, pregnant women and babies (out of their reach)
  • Up to 15 days per pellet
  • Easy to use & waterproof
  • Made in France


Now present in more than 30 countries, the famous PARA’KITO® wristbands reduce your mosquito appeal thanks to a patented technology encompassing both the impregnation and the chrono-diffusion of essential oils. Without any skin contact, they represent an alternative, perfectly safe protection solution, particularly adapted to children, pregnant women and those with sensitive skin. In line with its mission, PARA'KITO® wanted to offer a new generation of topical (applied to the skin) repellents to combat mosquitoes and ticks, that would achieve the feat of combining repellent actives’ effective formulations & safety; to provide optimal protection you can trust.

Parasito Mosquito repellents

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