Little Baby Grains - Premium Brown Rice and Non-GMO Beetroot Instant Cereal(6 MONTHS UP)

  • ₱430.00


Perfect as a first transition to solid foods! This vibrant cereal is made from specially selected premium brown rice, free from nasty toxins and heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead, and non-GMO beetroot in compliance with European Community regulations. This cereal is specially formulated and fortified with M-Gard®, a high bioactivity Norwegian yeast beta-glucan, also known as an immunomodulator that enhances your baby's vital defence mechanisms against pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungus. Delicious and all-natural, this cereal promises great flavours without compromising on nutrition. Your baby will be asking for more!

Weight: 225g, 15g x 15 sachets

Preparation Instructions:
1. Pour sachet contents into heat-safe bowl
2. Add 60-80ml of hot or lukewarm water
3. Stir well and add water, if needed, to achieve desired consistency
4. Test temperature before feeding

Ingredients: Brown rice powder, instant cereal powder, non-GMO beetroot powder, M-Gard® yeast beta-glucan


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