Recur Toy Figure Therizinosaurus

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Name: Therizinosaurus

Order: Sauriscus

Diet: Herbivorous (controversy)

Period: Late cretaceous

Real Size: 8-11 m long and 6 m high

Weight: 6-6.5 tons

Excavated in: Mongolia North China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan

Features: With a small head and beak, as well as a long neck, the most striking features is three large sickle shape finger claws on the hands, which are long, curved and narrow.

Amazing Lifelike Detail!

The Therizinosaurus despite its fearsome appearance, live on plants.With its most striking feature its three large sickle shape finger claws on the hands are long, curved and narrow and are used to push leaves into their mouths and to fight off predators! Great educational gift for boys and girls birthdays and party favors. The realistic dinosaur model of exquisite workmanship and perfect details, lifelike, cute and vivid. Edutainment, maintain our kids’ curiosity, cultivate children's cognition of natural world and help them learn more about dinosaurs through lively activities. Ideal for education on prehistoric species, environmental awareness, and natural history. Hand-painted, paying attention to details. Using natural non-toxic pigments, hand-painted by craftsmen, and some details are hand-colored.

  • Odorless

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