RESPIMASK Antiviral Face Mask

  • ₱400.00

ReSpimask® is a new facemask design made from the nanofiber fabric RESPILON® (the first product in the world using this advanced technology) taking advantage of the benefits given by nanofiber technologies. The nanofibers’ high density captures (filters) all airborne biological threats, such as viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens, smog and others with the highest possible efficiency by purely mechanical filtration. This makes ReSpimask® unique compared to other facemasks and respirators such as N95.

Some of the current facemasks, respirators or N95 can also capture viruses but only by using chemical agents or nanoparticles of silver, which leads to unwanted inhalation of those substances. It has been recently proven that frequent use of those masks can lead to serious health problems.

ReSpimask® is the only one that can effectively protect the wearer against their surroundings because we use a special non-irritating adhesive strip to assure a perfect fit. That way there are no vent gaps along the sides or fogging of the wearer’s glasses. Thanks to the nanofiber technology, the user can easily breathe, making the mask very comfortable, so even asthmatic, elderly and sick people can use it. High Viral and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is approved by Nelson Laboratories, USA. ReSpimask® has the CE mark and other approvals. ReSpimask® provides reliable protection from Coronavirus, Ebola, and Tuberculosis.

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