Rototobebe Anti-Reflux Cushion

  • ₱3,995.00

Rototobebe anti-reflux cushion is the perfect baby gift. It gently props babies up to help reduce baby reflux. Patented design hugs babies' bottoms making it the perfect spot to put baby when parents need to be hands-free. Aesthetic design. The functional carry handle makes it portable. Comfy place for babies to lounge when visiting friends & family! The Rototobebe cushion uses NON-TOXIC materials and is KC Certified (meets standards for safety and quality) 

Do you worry about the baby spitting up after feeds? Do you experience body aches from constant picking and carrying your baby? Can't seem to find somewhere safe/comfy for baby to lounge when you visit friends/families? 

Rototobebe Cushion is a multipurpose baby cushion that will help parents better care for their little ones.



🌟One cushion many uses ( Reading time, tummy time, after feeds,etc)

🌟Patented Recessed design comfortably hugs baby’s bottom

🌟Effective Inclination props babies comfortably in an upright position to prevent spit-ups after feeds

🌟A place to put the baby when you need a hands-free moment ( Reading time, tummy time, after feeds)

🌟Designed with carrying handle, easy to move from room to room

🌟A comfortable place for babies to lounge when visiting families and friends!

🌟High quality and NON-TOXIC Material + KC Certified

🌟100% Made In Korea 


-Rototobebe Cushion should not be used while baby is sleeping!
-When in use, infants should not be left unattended.
-Avoid usage in high places.

👉🏻Actual product color may slightly differ due to different devices display settings.
👉🏻Please allow of 1-3cm difference due to manual measurements.
👉🏻All content here should be considered as opinion only. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.


Dimension : 70X70CM
Weight : 2kg
Material of Waffle Cushion Cover: 60% Cotton 40% Rayon
Material of Quilt Cushion Cover: 100% Cotton

Material of Cushion Shell: Mesh polyester fabric
Cushion filling: Polyester

🧼Washing Tips 

- To clean your detachable cover, detach the cover from the inner cushion, machine-wash in warm and gentle mode.
Tumble-dry, set to lowest temperature and remove promptly.
- Inner Cushion Care : Remove spots by wiping them off with soapy cloth.
- Do not machine-wash inner cushion.
-If necessary, manual washing is advised and when using the laundry machine, insert it in a net and set the machine in wool-course.(set to lowest temperature)

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