Umbili Anchan Cute Cute Baby Brow Serum (Eyebrow Growth Serum)

  • ₱379.00

Umbili Anchan Cute Cute Baby Brow Serum - Eyebrow Growth Serum

- a product specially designed for your little one's delicate eyebrows. This serum is formulated to promote the growth of dark, beautiful, and thick eyebrows for your precious baby.

 Give your baby's brows the attention they deserve with our carefully crafted serum. Its nourishing formula, enriched with natural ingredients (Butterfly pea flower), gently stimulates hair follicles, encouraging healthy growth. Watch as your baby's eyebrows transform, becoming more defined and luscious.

 Our Eyebrow Serum is dermatologist-tested, ensuring it is safe and gentle for your baby's sensitive skin. With regular use, you'll notice a visible difference as those tiny brows flourish, enhancing your baby's adorable features.

 Instruction for Use:

- Using Applicator gently apply serum on your baby brow, no need to wash off

 * Suitable for new born 0m+ & all family members

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