• ₱25,000.00

Wellis is your indoor air quality solution by sterilizing 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria in the air and surface areas. It helps deodorize any foul odor and remove VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds in the air.  Certified and proven to kill SARS COV 2.


Package contains 1 unit of Wellis Air Disinfectant and 1 cartridge. 

ROTA Virus Test Report

RSV Test Report 

RSV Test Report Special - WET

CoxackieVirus Test Result


Do not leave your Wellis cartridge inside the unit if you plan to turn off your unit for a while.  This will cause the residual solution to evaporate and stagnate inside the unit and damage the microchip of your Wellis and for the cartridge to bloat making it hard to remove from the unit.  If you plan to turn the Wellis off for some time, make sure to remove the cartridge and put back its lid. Keep the cartridge i  your fridge. Once the Wellis gives the warning sign that the cartridge needs to be replaced, please change the cartridge immediately. Failing to do so and keeping the used up cartridge in the unit will also cause the same thing.

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