Zoy Zoii B18 Kids Backpack ( Dream Series )

  • ₱1,750.00

Main EVA Construction: Crafted from high-resilience EVA material, this backpack provides effective support and increased air permeability. Its soft texture and back shape design ensure a comfortable fit, even when squeezed, and quickly restores its shape.
H-Type Horizontal Load Reduction: Designed to take care of the spine, this backpack features a cotton body ridge protection design that fits the curve of a child's back perfectly. Elastic, breathable wide shoulder straps with anti-slip buckles alleviate stress and prevent discomfort.
Versatile Usage: The top ring of the backpack offers various attachment possibilities, making it suitable for different activities. It reduces gradual negative pressure, making it ideal for travel and rejuvenating weary shoulders.
Cream Cake Design: The delightful cream cake design adds a sweet touch to any adventure. Perfect for carrying essentials like books and snacks, it's an ideal companion for school or family outings. Waterproof, Protect Spine, Original Design, Certificate CPC/CPSIA, 3D Shaped


The Zoyzoii B18 Kids Backpack with a charming cream cake design offers effective support and comfort for children's daily activities. With its main EVA material, it provides air permeability and quickly regains its shape when squeezed. The H-type horizontal load reduction system and cotton body ridge protection design take care of the spine, while elastic, breathable wide shoulder straps ensure comfort. Its versatile usage options and adorable design make it perfect for school, travel, and everyday outings.
1-10 year old
L282.67mm W131.99mm H236.48 mm

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