Zoy Zoii B50 Kids Backpack(Mushroom-Shape Backpack)

  • ₱2,099.00

Introducing the Zoyzoii B50 Kids Bag with Little Airplane, Mushroom, and Ice-Cream Designs:

Crafted from SBR diving material, neoprene, and 10% polyester fiber, this bag combines durability with style. The Little Airplane, Mushroom, and Ice-Cream designs add a playful touch, making it perfect for children's adventures.

With its sturdy construction and versatile design, this bag is ideal for carrying essentials like snacks, toys, or small items. Whether heading to school, a playdate, or a family outing, it's the perfect accessory to keep your child's belongings organized and easily accessible.

The SBR diving material and neoprene ensure water resistance, protecting the contents of the bag from moisture. Plus, the 10% polyester fiber adds durability, making it suitable for daily use.

With its charming designs and practical features, the Zoyzoii Kids Bag is sure to be a hit with children and parents alike.


School Companion: Perfect for carrying books, notebooks, and school supplies to and from school.

Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for packing snacks, water bottles, and small toys for trips to the park, zoo, or playground.

Playdates and Visits: Great for bringing along favorite toys or activities when visiting friends or family.

Travel Companion: Convenient for storing essentials like snacks, games, or a small blanket during family outings or vacations.

Everyday Errands: Use it to keep snacks, a water bottle, and other necessities handy while running errands or attending extracurricular activities.

Overall, the Zoyzoii Kids Bag offers versatile functionality and adorable designs, making it a practical and fun accessory for children's daily adventures.


1-10 year old


Sbr diving material/Neoprene/100% Polyester Fiber

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