Baby Moby Chlorine Free Diaper Pants (Large Size 9-14kgs) - 40 pcs

  • ₱950.00

Baby Moby Chlorine Free Diaper Pants | Mighty Baby PH

Hypoallergenic - free from chlorine bleaching, dye, fragrance or harmful chemicals Tear-away sides & roll up disposal tape for easy and convenient disposal of soiled diapers with disposal tape

Thinner, softer, more absorbent to keep baby dry and comfortable day & night (up to 12 hours of protection); ultra-absorbent core (liquid distribution layer, super absorbent gel and pulp layer for quick absorbency, leak prevention layer, soft and breathable outer layer)

Wetness indicator (stripes change from yellow to blue when its time to change diapers)

Perfect fit at legs (High and stretch leg cuffs prevent side leakage) and waist (180 degrees stretch waistband provides comfort & fit in every movement)

Super soft and breathable top sheet (3D honeycomb liner is soft, breathable while absorbing moisture upon contact)

Feather soft outer cover does not irritate the skin; fun design

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