Blanqi Built-in Support Bellyband

  • ₱3,140.00


Knit-in anchor reinforces lift and redistributes weight to alleviate lower back pressure and reduces overall stress. X-shaped back support eases discomfort while encouraging proper posture keeping you motivated and energized.
Seamless panels of varying compression create targeted support with a stretchy belly panel that expands as you grow.
Moisture-wicking, fast drying fabric is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable.


The longline coverage of our Bellyband allows you to extend the life of your pre and post-pregnancy wardrobes by securing unbuttoned or ill-fitting skirts, jeans and pants. It also provides much needed bump coverage under flowing tops. So easy to wear, its the best $38 you could spend while pregnant.


Maternity magic was made when we created the first ever Bellyband with built-in support. Slide the Bellyband over your bump and feel the relief as our patented supportive design smooths, secures and reduces stress on your ever-growing body. Plus, no need for a whole new maternity wardrobe as the bellyband allows you to keep on wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Blanqi Belly Band - The Parenting Emporium


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