Bluhen Baby Bottle (2 in 1) (5oz)

  • ₱887.00

About Bluhen Baby Bottle (2 in 1) (5oz)

Blühen optimizes the baby’s feeding journey, Blühen strives to help mothers access more efficient tools they can trust every step of the way. Ultimately, a more simplified, intuitive, and versatile approach to feeding is exactly what mothers and babies need for the best possible feeding journey. Blühen is your simple solution for every stage of your baby’s life, from newborn to toddler.


From newborn to toddler, all you need is one bottle with endless possibilities: The Blühen Baby Bottle. Wherever your baby may be in his or her feeding journey, one bottle is all you need. Every Blühen baby bottle is compatible to 4 different adaptors, so as your child grows older, you can easily convert from one adaptor to the next, supporting your child’s feeding journey every step of the way. This multi-use functionality provides children an easy way to fulfill any of their functional drinking needs or skills, at any moment in time, without having to replace the bottle at all. When it comes to your baby’s comfort, Blühen Baby Bottles are designed to deliver the easiest possible grip through its ergonomically curated triangular shape and child-friendly pinch points. This makes bottle-holding much easier on a baby’s tiny hands, and for mom, that means easier bottle-cleaning for her bigger hands too. Don’t believe us? At every stage of the feeding journey, our baby bottles offer an unmatched level of comfort and ease for your baby’s greatest growth.

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