Bluhen Level Up Spout

  • ₱277.00

About Bluhen Level Up™ Spout

Blühen optimizes the baby’s feeding journey, Blühen strives to help mothers access more efficient tools they can trust every step of the way. Ultimately, a more simplified, intuitive, and versatile approach to feeding is exactly what mothers and babies need for the best possible feeding journey. Blühen is your simple solution for every stage of your baby’s life, from newborn to toddler.

 Training your child to drink independently may be a bitter-sweet experience for us moms, but it’s certainly an important milestone of a baby’s development. If you want your baby to mature along their feeding journey more easily, the Blühen Level Up™ Spout will seamlessly prepare him or her for the ability to drink out of a cup without the help of sippy caps or teats.  That’s right – it’s yet another one of our interchangeable adaptors created for our multi-use Blühen bottle, which effortlessly transforms from baby bottle to sippy cup, all the way to independent training. 

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