CHIBOJI Nasal Aspirator/ Nasal Suction Pump for Babies and Kids

  • ₱1,200.00
  • Save ₱300

Effective suction

Our patented mechanism achieves stronger suction force without effort than any other. At the same time, it will create a seal space inside the nose for an effective cleaning.

Real hygienic

The suction force is obtained manually and not orally, therefore, you will not swallow your baby's virus; virus is smaller than filter's pores, therefore they're useless.

No filters required

Doesn't require useless & unhygienic disposable filters; you will not have to buy filters every time you use it. You will save a lot in the long run.

Kids love it

Non-invasive nose tip doesn't irritate the nasal mucosa. Hand pump makes no noise & vibration so won't scare the kids. Therefore, kids don't reject it and are very cooperative

Made in Japan

It has been designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory in Taiwan with FDA approval.

Medical grade

We only use medical grade materials with the highest quality standards. Our nasal aspirator lasts 5 times longer than any other.

Easy to clean

It's very easy to clean. Only the collection cup needs to be cleaned after using it. The others parts are not necessary as the mucus won't go inside the tube or the pump.

Own patent

This patent has been developed & registered by us internationally so that no one can copy us. We have solved the main disadvantages of traditional nasal aspirators

Note: Do not Sterilize 

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