Hamico Baby Toothbrush

  • ₱360.00

​Everything a baby does during their infant years is part of their developmental process.  From learning to hold their own bottle to taking their first steps, babies are in a state of constant learning. But for years, the process of brushing their teeth exclusively depended on their parents since babies couldn’t hold the oversized and potentially dangerous toothbrush by themselves. The HAMICO Baby toothbrush is designed specifically for the baby’s stage in their developmental process - because, shouldn’t it be?!  Featuring a rounded handle they can more easily grip, as well as a smaller brush head proportionate to their mouth size and extra soft bristles making it painless and fun while they learn to establish the daily habit. 

Why Baby Hamico?

Any parent will tell you that they don’t let baby have anything pointed or sharp, right? So why would a conventional toothbrush be an exception to the rule? The wide handle on the HAMICO Baby toothbrush prevents overreach of the brush into the baby’s mouth, keeping them safe and able to learn the brushing motion. The neck length of our toothbrush is designed specifically to reach baby's back teeth.  While the rounded bristles softly brush baby’s delicate gums and newly broken in teeth. 

Fun Designs!

​HAMICO reached out to some of the US’s most talented designers to create the fun, colorful and unique designs for the baby toothbrush. There are currently 13 designs ranging from mermaids to unicorns and planets to sea animals. Get them a new design each month to ensure that brushing their teeth will always be something they look forward to. 

Recommend for 5-24 months

How to Use

  1. ​Let the baby hold and play with the HAMICO toothbrush to become familiar with the idea of brushing. 
  2. Help guide the brush gently between your baby's teeth and gums at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Brush softly to prevent damage to delicate gums.
  4. After brushing, clean thoroughly with water and dry. ​


  • ​Do not chew. Children under 4 need adult supervision while brushing.
  • Replace toothbrush every month for effective and sanitary brushing.




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