Iflin My Style Bamboo Burp and Bib (2 in 1)

  • ₱1,850.00

It's designed for parents who don't want to carry the traditional muslin on their shoulders. When you dress up nicely for dinner, a party or a wedding you need a smart and stylish burp cloth that goes well with your outfit.

For your little one, it works as a bib by covering your baby's shoulders and snapping at the back. The extra soft padding will do its job to catch and absorb all the drool and little messes during a yummy meal.

You can also drape it over your baby's shoulders and snap it at the front, and it will be a cute shawl for your little pumpkin. The extra soft padding will keep the baby warm on a chilly day
You can also use it as a headrest for your baby while doing diaper change.

(2 pieces/box)

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