Iflin My Everyday Bamboo Burp and Nurse (2 in 1)

  • ₱1,950.00

My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse - no more burp cloths falling off your shoulders and to the floor! It's a cross body burp cloth and with it's unique shape and smart design, provides maximum coverage from your shoulder to your chest to your elbow. With its snaps, it's very handy especially if you're a breastfeeding mommy! It can also be a 360-degrees breastfeeding cover by opening it up and putting it over your head, providing a comfortable private space for on-the-go breastfeeding. It's also very useful for diaper changes too, making it one of the travel essentials for every on-the-go babies!

2 pieces/ box, available in Playful Blue or Playful Pink


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