Infantway Huggabooks Visual Training and Activity Cloth Book Bumper

  • ₱495.00

Huggabooks Visual Training and Activity Cloth Book Bumper

Our Visual Training and Activity Cloth Book Bumper is multifunctional and grows with your baby. It is double-sided for 2 developmental stages.

Huggabooks Cloth Book Bumper Benefits:

A. As a Visual Training Cloth Book for Newborn

The Huggabooks Visual Training Cloth book provides high contrast black and white images that stimulate the development of the optic nerves of your newborn baby.

Strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration.

This cloth book also encourages your little ones to lift their heads up during tummy time which develops their head and neck control. It improves their gross motor skills and also exercises their muscles.

B. As an Activity Cloth Book for Toddler

The interactive soft pages include a discovery mirror and bright colors for babies to explore. It Develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills of your baby.

It has squeaker and crinkle sounds that attracts your baby’s attention. Crinkling sound lets them experiment with sounds and touch.

It has a peekaboo and lift-the-flap concept which encourages interaction and play.

It has a baby-safe mirror with no risk and hidden danger of breaking. Mirrors can spark curiosity and motivate little ones to practice tummy time.

It consists of different textures for your baby to touch and feel. Learning through touch and texture is also very important due to the fact that it strengthens a child’s motor skills.


This Cloth book bumper can be used in so many ways!

It can be placed on the baby's bed frame, crib, playpen or simple hang it anywhere!

It is easy to carry around and washable!

This cloth book is perfect for tummy time too! This can stand up alone for tummy-time play or you can simply lay it down on the floor and playmats

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