Kodomo Playhouse - Playmat (Baby Play Gym)

  • ₱11,200.00


Playmats are the child’s baby play gym and early learning center. Not only do they provide a safe area for kids to explore and play but also offer various benefits that help in the child's development.

• Fine motor – the child will be able to grasp toys and other stuff as they learn how to hold objects
• Cognitive – parents can simulate cognitive development by putting in cause-and-effect toys, engaging the child with circular reactions, and encouraging the child to do pretend play

The mat is 6CM thick of Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) - wear resistant and shock resistant, moisture and waterproof. Very easy to clean and disinfect, and fold when not in use.
• Sensory stimulation – playmats can help facilitate the child’s sensory awareness such as tactile, visual, and kinesthetic

DIMENSIONS: 140*100*56CM

* No weight limit
* No age limit

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