Little Fat Hugs musical Tumbler Jenga

  • ₱480.00

Music Tumbler Jenga

Brand: Sobebear

Colors available: blue/pink

Size: 15 x15 cm

6 months and up

Ideal tummy time toy - put the toy slightly away from the baby's reach to try to encourage them to crawl forward     

Stacking rings with teether -from grasping and shaking to sorting and stacking, this toy has tons of fun ways for your baby to play and explore 

-the rings have a shiny, reflective surface with colorful swirling beads  that make fun rattle sounds 

-it also comes with a teether that soothes, cleans and massages sensitive gums 

-helps develop baby's gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles, boost hand-eye coordination and visual acuity 

-boost curiosity in your baby, sharpen their reflexes and stimulate them 

-requires 3 AAA batteries 

-material: ABS+PP+PC

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