Little Fat Hugs Space Water Play

  • ₱3,150.00

This space-themed water table has an open double-sided waterfall design that can accommodate multiple toddlers to play together. It encourages them to engage in sensory play and cultivate social interaction and exploration skills.

Pour water into the top of the water table and witness the water move through a maze-like path forming a waterfall wall. This allows children to enjoy playing with water and at the same time enhance their motor skills. 

By observing the different waterfalls produced when water flows through spinners and funnels, children can feel the changes in water flow, understand early STEM education concepts and develop hand-eye coordination. 

This water table is made of sturdy ABS material with no sharp edges, easy to assemble  and carry, and is perfect for indoor, outdoor, backyard, beach, garden or the pool. It also makes a perfect gift for kids in summer.  

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