Looping Squizz Big Wheels 2.0

  • ₱4,699.00

About Looping Squizz Big Wheels 2.0

Always having mamas and their unique needs in mind, Looping designs strollers and other baby products that can keep up with the challenges that parents face everyday. Their collection of strollers features a sleek, modern, and tasteful design language while also meeting the highest safety standards. A Looping stroller is a stylish yet reliably safe way to spend the day out with your little one, mama!

The Looping Squizz Big Wheels 2.0 are a pair of heavy-duty wheels for heavy babies. With their rugged and more durable design, these upgraded wheels can withstand different surfaces and last as long as your kid's stroller. It also comes with a storage pouch, momma!


• Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 14cm, Front Wheel Diameter: 16 cm / Thickness: 4.3 cm, Rear Wheel Diameter: 18.5 cm / Thickness: 4.3 cm

Looping Squizz Big Wheels 2.0 – The Nest:Attachment Parenting Hub

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