Mama Tales Organic Perfect Oil

  • ₱1,200.00

(Essential Oil)- For colds & nasal congestion, immune system

Do you and your kids easily get sick, get colds, flu or allergies? Check out Mama Tales Perfect Oil. This is a pre-mixed Organic Essential Oil which contains Shallot/ Onion, Lavender, Chamomile, Shiso Leaf and Piper Sarmentosum. Provides good health medical benefita. All in 1 Essential Oil. Apply it directly to the skin, on your face masks, clothes, pillows and blanket or use it when taking a bath. 💗
🌱 Organic & Natural certified by Ecocert (Europe) and USDA (USA)
🌱 Has a fresh and relaxing scent
🌱 Helps better breathing
🌱 Promotes better sleep
🌱 Safe for G6PD babies, pregnant & breastfeeding moms
🌱 Relieves and prevents colds, flu, nasal congestion
🌱 Stronger immune system
🌱 Red Onion/ Shallot, Japanese Shiso Leaves and Lavender

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