Mambobaby Air-Free Armbands

  • ₱1,450.00

Mambobaby is the safest baby swimming floater that is free of leakage and inflation, offering great convenience, safety, and enjoyment for every baby.

The swim armbands is secured with a safety buckle at the child's arms so that the kid cannot open it alone, and it fit ages between 3-6 years.

The swimming aid for toddlers allows them to move and have fun freely and safely, the soft woven polyester adds extra comfort with less chafing.

The arm floats are immediately ready for use since there is no inflation necessary, simply pull over arms and buckle up.

Kds all over the world use seafloor puddle jumpers swim training aids, parents can simply watch their kid having fun, enjoy playing, swimming and diving into water safely.

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