Mambobaby Air-Free Waist Type Floater with Canopy

  • ₱2,100.00

About Mambobaby Air-Free Waist Type Floater with Canopy (Medium)

Mambobaby is the safest baby swimming floater that is free of leakage and inflation, offering great convenience, safety, and enjoyment for every baby.

 Mambobaby waist float is suitable for the babies aged 8 months to 48 months. Made of healthy and environmental protection Pearl-Foam, keep away from the cold and cold feeling of inflatable swimming, lock the temperature and care for your baby's skin. Safe and stable four-point support, smooth bearing baby's weight balance. Wear under the armpit, provide buoyancy for the baby, good safety, free movement of both hands to prevent water stagnation, let the baby fall in love with swimming. There are two safety buckles, the upper buckle and the side buckle. The side buckle has a snap, so don’t worry about the buckle falling off. Adjustable shoulder strap, the shoulder strap can be adjusted according to the baby's body shape, so that it can be used well. Hands can move freely, use this swimming armband to give your baby a pleasant summer experience. 

Mambobaby Air-Free Waist Type Floater with Canopy Specifications

•        Brand: Mambobaby

•        Dimensions: 37*44*13 cm

•        Weight (kg): 0.45

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