NEW VERSION: NatureBond™ Silicone Breast Pump with Silicone Stopper and Strap

  • ₱800.00

New Improved Design Yr 2019 Version - Flagship Model

  • Includes patented double-loop NatureBond pump strap
  • Unlike other silicone pumps, new NatureBond pumps do not have uneven pour spouts. In the new version, the spout is removed (advised by lactation consultants) to prevent any discomfort and “piercing” feeling against your skin.
  • The circular flap is enhanced to be softer than previous versions to give moms the ultimate comfort in breast cupping.
  • The new NatureBond's pump design provides moms with customized suction force. In order to achieve this, the pump is made with varying thickness of silicone material across the pump and dual rings at pressure points. Moms can then adjust the suction force according to their individual comfort level.

Every Drop Of Breastmilk Counts. NatureBond™ Silicone Breast Pump is one of the most natural ways to extract breastmilk manually using suction force, without the need of artificial mechanical pumps. The sleek and soft silicone design ensures comfort for breastfeeding mommies. NatureBond™ Silicone Breast Pump is every breastfeeding mom’s must-have.


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