Nooboo Milestone Silicone Toothbrush

  • ₱300.00

✔ Non-abrasive, 100% food grade soft silicone bristles meant for baby's sensitive teeth and gums.
✔Square birstle design for a gentle, comfortable and effective brushing experience.
✔Bristles are nonporous silicone, which is resistant to germ and bacteria buildup.
✔ More durable and lasts longer that traditional toothbrush so you don't have to change as often. Environmentally sustainable.
✔Helps lessen the discomfort of teething.
✔Easy to keep clean. Does not harbor toothpaste leftovers that causes bacteria build up.
✔BPA free and Sterilizer safe.
✔ Fun and adaptable design, rounded handle with concave and embossed anti-skid points for easy grip.
✔Specially developed for children ages 1-6.

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