Numa Portable Nebulizer ACCESORIES

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Keep Your Numa Portable Nebulizer Running Smoothly!

Ensure you have everything you need for uninterrupted nebulization therapy with our selection of Numa Portable Nebulizer Accessories:

  • Extra Mask & Mouthpiece: Always be prepared with a spare mask and mouthpiece for yourself or a loved one.This ensures continued use and hygienic practices.
  • Extra Charging Cable: Never miss a treatment due to a low battery. This extra charging cable allows you to conveniently power your nebulizer wherever you go.
  • Extra Mouthpiece: Replace worn mouthpieces for optimal comfort and efficient medication delivery.


  • Stay Prepared: Always have backup accessories on hand to avoid treatment disruptions.
  • Maintain Hygiene: Replace mouthpieces regularly to promote cleanliness.
  • Travel Ready: The extra charging cable keeps your nebulizer powered on the go

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