Oribel PurePlay AntiBac Playmat

  • ₱5,999.00

The safest place your baby can play on! The first playmat that is certified to ISO 22196 standards for proven anti-bacterial effectiveness! Our thick and plush playmat protects tumbling tots and is extremely durable against scratches and prolonged use. Easy to clean and foldable, the Oribel PurePlay AntiBac Playmat is perfect for every day playtime and beautiful in any room.

The Safest Place to Play on
The ONLY playmat that's lab-tested for Antimicrobial activity, PurePlay Antibac eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria in 24 hours - meaning no harmful germs or bacteria can grow on its surface. Non-toxic and using only natural metallic elements for anti-bacterial properties, PurePlay is perfectly safe for babies to learn, grow and play in!

Non-Toxic & Safe
Free from formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates and other harmful substances, all the materials used in our PurePlay AntiBac Playmat meets the highest standards of chemical safety, meeting and exceeding European and American standards always.

Even Humpty Dumpty Could Survive this
With superior cushioning (14mm thick), the playmat provides crucial protection against bumps and falls.

Cleaning made simple
It's stain-resistant and water-resistant, so it makes clean-up just a breezy wipe away.

Made to Last
Kids are stronger than they think. Our playmat, with a fabric interlining, is built to withstand all sorts of accidental scratches, roughhousing, and daily wear and tear.

3 Layers Protection
Anti-bacterial water-resistant liner is layered over a fabric mesh lining for durability. The plush impact-protective XPE foam takes care of tumbles and falls.

No more bulky rolls
Designed with easy-to-fold lines, keeping your playmat away has never been easier. Its gentle fold lines are safe for play and non-intrusive.

Play Beautifully
Our playmat marries design with functionality with two chic reversible designs that fit every room and mood.


L: 59.1in | 150cm
W: 78.7in | 200cm
H: 0.6in | 1.4cm  

Folded Dimensions:
L: 28.0in | 71cm
W: 19.7in | 50cm
H: 4.7in | 12cmNet
Weight: 3.3lbs | 1.5kg
Gross Weight: 7.4lbs | 3.4kg

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