Play Plearn Tracing Number&Aplaabet

  • ₱349.00

Set of practice paper for writing letters A-Z Tracing By Playplearnkid Suitable for children 2 years old and up.
✅ Made from good quality paper. and design patterns that children like
✅ Practice writing numbers and English letters. and practice coloring
✅ Use with magic colours, wood colours, crayons.
✅ There are 24 sheets/set (unique pattern)

⭐️ Suitable for children aged 2 years and up ⭐️
Product benefits
️Free time activities Practice coloring with conditions Have fun in a unique way Train your hand muscles
️Train small muscles Helps strengthen development
️Strengthen concentration and creativity IQ and EQ
Additional product details
️Size 14.5*21 cm
️ 1 set has 24 sheets, unique pattern.
100 gsm bond paper, just the right thickness, won't penetrate.

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