Playme Toy Pat Bells Shelf 5 Scale Pentatonic

  • ₱5,100.00
  • Save ₱1,700

Music plays a significant role in the development of a child’s brain. Even as early as pregnancy, mothers listen to beautiful and soothing music as a bonding activity with their baby in the womb. The harmonious notes of Re, Mi, So, La, and Ti produce no clashing sound and can be freely played in any combination. Children can enjoy this toy at any stage of growth, parents can play along too!

A recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2017, the toy is made with high quality wood. With bells that produce vibrant sound, the toy produces relaxing music that’s pleasing to the ears.

What’s Inside:
- Includes one 5-note pentatonic Pat Bells
- Use the booklet to record your created music
- 15x Sticker sheets are included to use with the booklet

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