Poled Airluv Baby Carrier Mask

  • ₱4,399.00

A facemask for the baby when on the carrier since children under 24 months must not wear face masks.
Age: 0-36 months

Compatible with all types of baby carrier (apart from those that don’t have shoulder straps to hold it like baby carrier slings or hip seats)

• Air purifier filter fabric
– Made of dust-blocking double PET yarn
– The double-structured air purifying filter fabric creates static that blocks dust, and its solid texture prevents the entry of pests such as mites or mosquitos
– The dense yarn texture cuts your concern about foreign substances and and doubled security and reliability through immaculate verification

• Perfectly safe
– Underwent extensive testing and several revisions

• Breathable & Light Material
– Made of breathable fabric that keeps the ventilation pathway open

• Sag-proof Design
– Balanced angle design is at 145 degrees
– Perfect position even if worn for a long period of time

• Child-friendly composition and design
– Free from irritating and harmful substances
– Smooth finish free from sharp and rough edges
– Minimizes visual distortion and keep your child’s eyes comfortable
– Visibility is secured by minimizing distortion in color and perspective so that there is no interference with children’s vital visual development
– With 100% organic teething pad and fabric for parts that have direct contact with your child’s face.

• Simple filter maintenance:
– If fine particles have fallen into the filter: Shake it initially then gently brush the filter off with a soft toothbrush or dry brush
– If the liquid is spilled on it: Absorb the liquid using tissue (try not to rub the tissue on the product when wiping it)
– If you’ve split a thick liquid: Absorb it with tissue and gently tap and wipe it off using a wet wipe
– If you’ve split a thick or creamy liquid: Lightly wipe the spillage with a tissue and gently tap and wipe it off using a wet wipe

– This is not a medical-grade product
– Does not provide hospital-style shielding

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