Poled Airluv Balance Pillow

  • ₱2,199.00

Your child’s first pillow.

For proper sleep habits and good head management all at once

• Scientifically-backed design

- From head formation, and layered filling, appropriate height, and best air permeability to the soft touch

• Helps form a beautiful head

- the shape prevents flat head injury

• Layered fillings

- created with breathable air mesh for effective distribution of head pressure and provide a comfortable cushioning feel

• Proper pillow height

- design with an optimal height so that it does not burden children, most especially those with underdeveloped cervical vertebrae 

• Best air permeability

- effective for heat management

- made of air mesh material that allows free air to circulate properly

• Soft-touch and premium Tencel fabric

- Tencel is breathable and silky soft without the addition of chemicals


- only hand-wash

- avoid direct sunlight; dry in a well-ventilated area

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