Poled Airluv Donut (Series 3)

  • ₱4,499.00

 A baby gear liner with a cooling system.

Age: Newborn until approximately 4 years old

Fits most baby gear brands in the market

Donut Series – Economic airflow without air purifying function

The difference with Series 2:

- Added straps for easier installation to any baby gear

- Fan upgraded with stronger wind and quiet sound

• Features a powerful but quiet fan that provides a cooler air

- Solves infant heat rash, atopy, and eczema

- Only 35 dB (30dB - people whispering and 40dB - background sounds in a library)

• Airflow strength can be controlled – with 3 levels

• Safe. Ergonomic and Stylish design to fit your child

- The ergonomic head cushion alleviates the impact of any external shock

- Helps your child develop a good posture

• The design fits any baby gear – from bouncer or carrier, car seat to stroller

• Operated with an external battery or power bank (not included)

- Preferably use a power bank that supports fast charging for long-lasting motor

• Easy to clean and washable

- Make sure to remove the motor before washing

- Wash by hand only

- Dry completely before putting back the fan

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