Poled All Age 360 Car Seat (Newborn to 12 years old)

  • ₱27,999.00

Only one premium car seat from newborn up to 12 years old!

• One car seat for the lifetime – It understands the different growing stage of your child and helps to have a correct posture

• The safest car seat that passed actual car crash tests
– Endured twice the harness
– Underwent hundreds of crash tests on real vehicles
– Low center of gravity stopper – provide unshakable safety because the movement of the child is reduced to a minimum during a collision

• Heavy presences of a locking belt – the most basic safety device of a car seat
– Global safety standard that automobile manufacturers encourage for mandatory use
– Car seats without a locking belt will be projected forward during a collision

• Quadruple Protection – unique quad-shield system
– It controls collision energy and rotation energy which are produced on impact and protects your child
– First layer – Hardcore Shell
– Second layer – Blower Shell
– Third layer – Impact Relief Shell
– Fourth layer – Impact Relief EPS

• One-click, Hexa Bolt ISO FIX
– Innovative ISO FIX developed after hundred actual car crash tests
– Can withstand 2.5 tons of impact

• Seat Belt Release Alert System
– One of a kind technology that alerts parent when your child releases the seat belt while on it

• 360 Rotation Mechanism
– You can carry your child easily and make an eye contact when the child cries
– Stops every 90 degrees
– For newborn: 160 degrees reclining position

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