Prince Lionheart Diaper Twist'R Diaper PaiL

  • ₱3,595.00

Introducing the Diaper Twist'R Baby Diaper Pail — a revolutionary way to keep your nursery odor free and make diaper duty a little less daunting. With our patented twist technology, self-sealing bag, and 7-layer odor-trapping bags, the Diaper Twist'R® guarantees you'll be rid of nasty diaper odors once and for all!

No more messes in or around your nursery - even when you're changing multiple diapers at once. Drop your dirty diaper into the Diaper Twist'R®, give it one twist, and that's it - even without a liner, odors are sealed away! So take a deep breath, Mama. You'll never have to endure that recurring stink again.

And not only will you never smell it again – this pail is stylish too! The sleek modern design looks beautiful near any nursery décor and cleverly hides the contents from sight. Give yourself some peace of mind knowing those smelly diapers won't be ruining the aesthetics of your nursery.

Helpful for new parents or grandparents, or as a baby shower gift, treat someone special with the Diaper Twist'R Baby Diaper Pail – an inventive solution to combat that dreaded gym sock stench! Outsmarts Odors™ today with the Diaper Twist'R®!


Outsmarts Odors™. Once you drop a diaper into the Diaper Twist'R®, you can breathe easy because you will never smell it again and your nose will thank you. Guaranteed!


With the Twist Lid Handle, changing dirty diapers is a breeze! Goodbye odors and mess - just drop your baby's used diaper in the bin and turn the handle to seal it away securely. No hassle involved; now you can spend less time dealing with diapers and more cuddles for your little one!


Bag removes quickly and easily from the top or the middle without any cutting, tying, or kneeling required.


Let's face it - diapering an infant comes with quite a hefty price tag! On average, during the first 2 and half years of your bundle-of-joy's life, you'll buy and change 6,000+ diapers. But don't forget – not having to smell those stinky runny messes? That priceless peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!



After years of intense exploration, the innovative diaper pail was designed to amaze. With a revolutionary twist-sealing mechanism, parents can easily add diapers without concern for mess - and no more silently cursing when lids unexpectedly fly open!


With this bag, you can easily store and carry an entire week's worth of dirty diapers – up to 35 New Born size! And don't worry if your go-to brand isn't Pampers or Huggies; the bag will accommodate any disposable diaper.


Our bags provide a strong defense against unwanted odors – by creating an impassable barrier that stops even the largest of smell molecules in their tracks.


Eliminating diaper pail odor doesn't just require a good bag, it takes an unbeatable combination of high-tech twist technology and patented charcoal sachets for the win!



  • 1x: Diaper Twist'R® Pail
  • 2x: Twist'R® Refill Bags
  • 2x: Twist'R® Charcoal Sachets 


  • Weight: 3.34 lb
  • Dimensions: 10.5in x 21.25in (27cm x 54cm)
  • Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
  • Origin: Made in the USA


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