Prince Lionheart Everfresh Replacement Pillow for Wipes Warmer (2pcs)

Prince Lionheart Everfresh Replacement Pillow for Wipes Warmer (2pcs)

  • ₱595.00

The Prince Lionheart Everfresh Replacement Pillow 2-pack keeps your wipes oh so moist, fresh, and away from bacteria. Specially designed to be placed at the bottom of your Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer, this patented pillow has an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive and prevents wipes from browning.


  • Highly dense micro-porous pillow keeps wipes moist and fresh
  • Anti-Microbial To Prevent Mold Growth
  • Prevents browning of wipes
  • Prevents wipes from over-drying when warmer is used

USAGE: Simply wet with water and put at the bottom of your wipes warmer. Rinse and resaturate weekly or when you refill your wipes. Replace Everfresh Pillow every 3 months.

Additional note: While the Everfresh Pillow prevents browning of wipes, occurrence of browning is NOT burning. In the case of browning, it is the result of the oxidation process when wipes with various additives are warmed, similar to an apple that oxidizes and turns brown once it is cut; it is safe to eat, just a little unsightly.

Designed in USA. Made in China.

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