Snapsack Kids Backpack

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Snapsack Kids Backpack: Your Go-To for School Days and Getaways!

Introducing Snapsack—the versatile backpack that’s a hit in the classroom and a superstar on the go! Merging playful charm with modern flair, this bag makes every day an exciting journey, whether it’s a bustling school day or an adventurous family trip. 

Perfect for ages 3 and up, our perfectly-sized toddler bag has everything to encourage independence, secure belongings, and make a statement in. Snapsack comes in 9 delightful designs: Animal Scribbles, Grid Horizon, Fancy Pancy, Pastel Leopard, Sweet Doodles, Unicorn Universe, Dino Adventure, Mermaid Maven, and Cool Cosmos (Outer Space). Get ready to snap into adventures!

Dimensions: 31.5 cm x 8.9 x 24. Material: Polyester 

PERFECTLY-SIZED BAG - Just right for toddlers, this bag encourages self-reliance in school settings and travel scenarios, making it a breeze for little ones to manage their own belongings. Size: 12.4inch x 3.54 x 9.45 / 31.5 cm x 8.9 x 24

ZIPPERED FRONT POCKET - Provides quick and easy access to small essentials, fostering organizational skills whether in a classroom or during travel.

PADDED AND ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Offers a comfortable, custom fit that adapts as your child grows, ensuring comfort during long school days or travel adventures.

ROOMY MAIN COMPARTMENT - Spacious enough to hold school supplies or travel essentials, this compartment ensures your child is always prepared for educational activities or family trips.

INTERIOR WATER BOTTLE GARTER GUARD - Securely holds a water bottle, making hydration easy and spill-free, whether at school or on the move.

LUGGAGE SLEEVE - The smart addition of a luggage sleeve at the back allows the backpack to slide effortlessly onto a luggage trolley handle, making airport navigation a breeze and keeping your child’s bag safely attached to your own luggage during travel.

Design Options:

  • Animal Scribbles
  • Grid Horizon
  • Fancy Pancy
  • Pastel Leopard
  • Sweet Doodles
  • Unicorn Universe
  • Dino Adventure
  • Mermaid Maven
  • Cool Cosmos (outer space)

Snapsack isn't just a backpack; it's a trusty companion for your child's school and travel adventures. Designed with both learning and leisure in mind, it's the perfect accessory for your little explorer. Embrace each new experience with Snapsack - where style, comfort, and functionality come together seamlessly! 

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 31.5 x 9 x 24 cm

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