Swaddies Multifunctional Nursing / Baby Pillow

  • ₱880.00

Swaddies PH Multi-functional Pillow – SwaddiesPHThe no ordinary pillow that you can bring anytime anywhere plus it is for all ages!

Swaddies PH Multifunctional pillow is made from cotton fiberfill, polyester cotton (front side) and microfiber soft dotted fabric (back side) for maximum comfort and support especially for nursing moms 😊

💯Travel pillow, nap pillow, nursing pillow, infant pillow
💯Easy to bring anytime, anywhere!
💯Small and lightweight
💯Easy to wash and maintain
💯Perfect for nursing moms, toddlers, and adults!
💯 Help support breastfeeding moms and relieve back pains

☑️ 25x50cm (when detached)
☑️ Dual-sided pillow; Made from cotton fiberfill, polyester cotton (front) and microfiber soft dotted fabric (back)
☑️ Small and lightweight (safe for infants)
☑️ With detachable snap buttons
☑️ Perfect to use as a nap pillow, arm pillow or nursing pillow, and an ordinary pillow
☑️ Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
☑️ A pillow for all ages!
☑️ Comes in a handy drawstring bag for storage
☑️ Available in Blue, Grey, Pink

Note: Once received, allow 2-3 days to regain its original shape or you may try to massage and puff/stretch at the center.

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